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GuangZhou GeLiang Lighting Technology Co.,Ltd

(Rige Technology Co.,Limited)

Address : No.61,Feng shen da dao,Xin hua street, Hua du district,Guangzhou,China

Tel : 0086-20-86872001

Fax : 0086-20-86872002

Zip code: 510800



Please contact our  colleague

Doris -- Sales Manager of North America

Email: sales@rigelighting.com

MSN: dorislym1111@hotmail.com

Skype: doris-rige



Charles -- Sales Manager of  West Europe

Email: sales6@rigelighting.com

MSN:  rige_lighting@hotmail.com

Skype:  sales6_rigelighting.com

Eileen -- Sales Manager of East Europe 

Email: sales11@rigelighting.com

MSN: sales11@rigelighting.com

Skype: Sales11_rigelighting.com



Maggie -- Sales Manager of South America

Email: sales2@rigelighting.com

MSN: sales2@rigelighting.com

Skype: sales2_rigelighting.com


Wendy -- Sales Manager of Asia

Email: sales9@rigelighting.com

MSN:  sales9@geliang.org

Skype: sales9_rigelighting.com



Lucas -- Sales Manager of Africa

Email: sales16@rigelighting.com

MSN: sales16@rigelighting.com

Skype: sales16_rigelighting



Ivy -- Sales Manager of Australia

Email: sales10@rigelighting.com

MSN: sales10@rigelighting.com

Skype: Sales10_rigelighting.com



Rita -- Sales Manager of Middle East

Email: sales@rigelighting.com

MSN: sales5@rigelighting.com

Skype: Sales5_rigelighting.com


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